Emulate on Dreamcast

Its a very simple thing, find the emulator, get the cd-image, burn it and put the cd into your dreamcast. thats it! You can even find full-rom packages on the internet. Of course you should be the owner of each original rom, thats cristalclear! The dreamcast can emulate ALOT of good stuff - like NES, SNES, MegaDrive, GameGear, NeoGeo, um nur wenige zu nennen. Now where to get those emulators? Check my links! For the roms u have to use Google though, since i dont want to offer illegal stuff on my blog!

1. MAME for all (Dreamcast Version)

 Download MAME 4 ALL

2. Amiga for all (Dreamcast Version)

  Download UAE 4 ALL

3. Gnuboy (Game Boy Color Emulator)

Download Gnuboy

4. Neo4All (NeuGeo Emulator)

 Download Neo4All

Nester DC (NES Emulator)

Download Nester DC

PCECast (TurboGrfx16/PCEngine Emulator)

Download PCECast

Bleemcast! (Playstation/PSX/PS1 Emulator

Download Bleemcast!

SMSPlusDC (GameGear/Mastersystem/SG1000 Emulator)

Download SMSPlusDC

GenesisPlusDC (MegaDrive/Genesis Emulator)

Download GenesisPlusDC

DreamSNES (SNES Emulator)

Download DreamSNES