Sega Model 2 Emulation

The Model2 Emulator by ElSemi is a really stable, fast and funny thing. The config is really easy to do, the games are great and run incredible fast and without problems as well. I have made a full package of the emulator, some information and a pre-configured config as well, but its in german though. But you can give it a try if you like. Download it here. The usage of the Model 2 Emulator is easy as hell. Just click on of the 2 EXE files, while Multicpu stands for Dual or Quadcores only. Now we go with Notepad in the Emulator.ini file, which can be found in the Emulator Folder and edit the Rom-Folder. This can be done by editing it with Notepad and search for the string called ” [RomDirs] ;Dir1=c:\Games\model2\Roms” <- and change it to the place where you got your Roms stored. Like “C:\Model2\Roms” Missing Rom Files will be shown in the console window. Now just start the Emulation via Emulator -> Load Rom -> select Rom and there you go. All available Roms will be shown and can be opened with a simple doubleclick. For more config, use google or El Semis forum on the internet.

and this is what it should look like, if you made it right: