Sonntag, 28. August 2011


i want you to feel very welcome here on my dreamcast blog, so i really need to tell you a little story now. It all began 5 years ago, as i started to make my german dreamcast site "" - a website with tutorials for repairing, newbie informations, some videos and alot of pictures, facts, news and tons of love for this great piece of art. The site was loved by some, but never made it to be something popular - sadly. Most told me my mistake was not writing it in english, so thats why i try it again now. im pretty sure that most of the people here will know me already from twitter or facebook, where i post alot dreamcast-releated informations. So, welcome!

What this blog will be - a HUGE Dreamcast releated Database with Tricks, Knowledge and more

so thats why i am looking for some help from you guys, it doesnt matter what you are into, as long as its releated to sega or the dreamcast. i could use any help in that way, so just contact me and tell me how you want to support my vision. since all people seem to love some images, i give you one now! so far - enjoy my little blog... its gonna be BIG soon ;)

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